Zip Line Courses

Zip Lines

Ptero-Soar: Level 1

$49 (Takes about 1 hour*)


Soar over our three-acre lake! Price includes five zip lines, beginning with a 660-foot flight across the lake.

Adventure Tour: Level 2

$69 (Takes about 2 hours*)


Take some time to get a bird’s-eye view by trekking through the treetops on a series of 9 interconnected zip lines and 2 sky bridges. This tour includes level 1.

Adventure Tour Plus: Level 3

$99 (Takes about 3 hours*)


Need more excitement? The next level of adventure features up to 17 zip lines and 7 sky bridges with heights ranging up to 100 ft. in the air. This tour includes levels 1–2.

Adventure Tour Extreme: Level 4

$129 (Takes about 4 hours*)


Haven’t had enough? Need more bragging rights? The Adventure Tour Extreme features 19 zip lines and 7 sky bridges. This tour will include a zip line over 900 feet and our extreme zip line which is nearly 1,800 feet long—which is six football fields long! This tour includes levels 1–3.

Five-Hour Rush: Level 5

$169 (Takes about 5 hours*)


  • Age: 8+
  • Minimum Weight: 75lbs
  • Maximum Weight: 250lbs for women, 285 lbs for men
  • Must be reserved 24+ hours in advance
  • General Requirements

Enjoy a five-hour complete zip experience. Mix and match the zip lines, aerial challenge course, and free fall experience for five hours in a custom adventure. You will even have the opportunity to choose to do some of your favorites more than once! Please note that Level 5 tours require at least 24 hour advance reservations.

* Note: The exact number of zip lines and sky bridges may vary depending on the route taken. Tour times are estimates and can vary depending on group size and other factors.

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