Can I Zip?

Before you schedule a zip line or Aerial Challenge adventure, please carefully consider these requirements.


  • Zip line and free fall participants must be at least eight years old, but you’re never too old!
  • Aerial Adventure Park participants can be as young as four years old.


  • Zip line minimum: 75 pounds (not applicable for Aerial Adventure Park)
  • Zip line and Aerial Adventure Park maximum: 250 pounds for women and 285 pounds for men
  • Free fall minimum: 35 pounds
  • Free fall maximum: 285 pounds for men and women
  • Note: Be prepared to step on a scale for accurate weights.


  • Zip line tours are not recommended for second- and third- trimester or high risk pregnancies.

Physical Limitations 

All tours require the ability to climb stairs and navigate swaying canopy bridges. Braking and steering are accomplished by grasping the pulley and zip line (while wearing leather gloves). As such, all participants must be able to tolerate at least a moderate amount of physical exertion and have the upper body strength to pull themselves along a zip line if necessary. The Aerial Adventure Park requires some strenuous activity including climbing and upper body work.

These factors lead to the following requirements:

  • You must have full range of motion and use of all your extremities.
  • Those with severe respiratory problems, heart issues, back problems, balance issues, a surgery within the last six months, or moderate to severe musculoskeletal problems should not zip. (If there is any question, check with your physician.)
  • Guides will give instructions with hand signs so the Deaf and hard of hearing are able to zip. Because sight is necessary to see the instructions, blindness prohibits zipping.